World Engineering Day 2021

I made a short, 2-minute video covering SpiNNaker, from how it was assembled, what it is has been used for and a hopeful view of what the future could bring.

HBP Student Conference #5

I was on the PC for the #HBPSC2021, the first HBP Student Conference to take place online.

HBP Tea & Slides #4

I presented a quick overview of the SpiNNaker neuromorphic computing platform and structural plasticity on it for the HBP Tea & Slides mini-seminar series. Slides for the session on 18.06.2020: "SpiNNaker: A Spiking Neural Network"

Neural Computing Journal Club

I presented a review of "Sleep, memory and plasticity" written by Matthew Walker and Robert Stickgold, eminent academics studying sleep. The journal club is (mostly) internal to the SpiNNaker group, thus the very relaxed attitude of everyone involved. Previously discussed topics during the journal club can be found here.

Book editing: a git story

We published a book about SpiNNaker. This is a video of our effort of putting it together from the point of view of our git commits.

Cerebellum Hackathon, Pavia, January 2020

I was invited to give a presentation at the Cerebellum Hackathon which took place in Pavia, Italy. Premise of my talk: we're trying to simulate a large-scale Cerebellum model on SpiNNaker. Conclusion of my talk: we're not quite there yet. It turns out, this problem pushes SpiNNaker to its limits in several dimensions. However, this problem is solvable. Watch this space.

SpiNNaker: 1 million core neuromorphic platform

In celebration of finalising the build of the 1 million core machine, we have prepared a video where Steve Furber presents what SpiNNaker is, what it can do and where it's heading. The video includes timelapse fotography of the construction and assembly of the machine.

Participate & collaborate - The HBP Education Programme

I make a cameo appearance at 5:34, but, more importantly, this video also includes the late Prof. Karlheinz Meier.
From the video description:
"The HBP Education Programme is an interdisciplinary teaching programme offering innovative training formats for young researchers working in and between the fields of neuroscience, ICT, and medicine. For more news, information and event application visit:"

Neurogenesis on SpiNNaker v0.2

The preliminary work I presented at the 1st HBP Student Conference Transdisciplinary Research Linking Neuroscience, Brain Medicine and Computer Science 8-10 February 2017, Campus of the University of Vienna, Austria, as a PhD Student in my first year. The abstract has been included in the proceedings of the conference published by Frontiers.

Neurogenesis on SpiNNaker v0.1

The preliminary work I presented at the 3rd HBP School: Future Neuroscience in Obergurgl, Austria, as a PhD Student in my first year.

Neuromorphic computer vision and robot control system

A video describing my third year project during my time at the University of Manchester as an Undergraduate.

Thales Arduino contest - mapping the environment

As a first year Undergraduate I participated in a few contests. The Ardunio contest organised by Thales challenged us to create anything using only the components provided to us and sell the idea and its uses.